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blogs templates tutorial Jan 16, 2023


I have been working for a long time with the Marti Michell templates that I really enjoy as they have corners that allow the pieces to fit perfectly together.

The shapes suggested by Marti Michell are the traditional squares, half square triangles, et other shapes.

I wanted to go further with new shapes that didn't have anything seen before.

I used the Marti Michell size as a guide, so these templates are based on a 4 inch finished size, the seam allowance being included, the templates are 4 1/2 inches.

Here is the video presenting the PDF boards, 

If you join my membership (which is free), you will have access to the PDF and to my sewing videos.

Enjoy these 5 first templates.


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Taking a Break...

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2022

Once in a while without wanting it, it is necessary to take a break from it all. 

That's what I needed to do this year, for the past 16 years, I've been working for my passion Alice and Co Design, wether it was cross stitch or patchwork. And these past 6 months, I just have felt that my well had gone dry. I would sit in front of my computer and just couldn't get anything done. So I just stopped, didn't want to force myself into creating or designing something that wasn't me.

That's how I got to today, by just letting it go and taking every day one step at a time.

I am now feeling better, less overwhelmed and decided to take action about what was stressing me in life. I have decided that I will be back in 2023 with original and fun patchwork and quilt projects.

I have ordered the Dear Jane book and templates. I know that it is a now very old project, but sometimes it is good to go back in the past to build the future.

So here is my first work, I have prepared the 2023 agenda, to...

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The Module 2 of the online course Designing a Quilt 101, is all about colors and how to use a color wheel.

This video was modified from the one available in the online course, it is about the color wheel, all the exercices and bonuses are not included in this blog post, they are inside the online course.

Thank you


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I created the online version of my course DESIGNING A QUILT 101 in 2019.

I love creating content, I got a day job where I got to create content for students learning english, and I also created a course for teachers searching for original ways to teach english, it turned out to be a 450 page course.

I can say that I am a course creator, since only 1 person trusted me on this and bought my course in 2020, I will be sharing with you a modified version of the video. All the exercise pages and bonuses are of course only available by purchasing my online course.

Hope you enjoy this first module, there are 9 modules all together.


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blogs tutorial video Apr 15, 2022


Just keeping those homemade templates going your way.

I made a video presenting the PDF that can be downloaded on my Membership Conundrum.

Have a great weekend.


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blogs templates video Mar 11, 2022


I am having a great time creating templates and making traditional style quilts.

I made a video presenting the PDF that can be downloaded on my Membership Conundrum.

Have a great weekend.


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In this second video I am showing you how I use Illustrator to create my color library.


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illustrator tutorial video Oct 15, 2021

I have been using Illustrator by Adobe for a couple of years, and I have been finding ways to use the software in creating quilt patterns or just to make my work easier.

I bought a collection from Alison Glass when she came to the fair in Nantes in September 2021.

I want to create a pattern using her fabric, so in order to make my visual easier, I just upload her collection into Illustrator, this video shows how I do it.

The video is in french.


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blogs Jul 07, 2021

My environment has a big impact on my motivation to design, create, make videos, take pictures.

For the past year and a half, Covid could have been the reason for my lack of motivation in my work, but the reason is a change of day job. 

I was working on a golf course only 11 minutes away from my house, in February 2020 I had to leave as the person I was replacing came back from her maternity leave. I then searched for another day job, and found a position on a golf course further from my home (45 minutes).

The distance would not have been a problem if I had enjoyed working there, but it wasn't the case, I was not accepted by the two people working there, they saw me as an intruder, which was ridiculous as they needed me because of the work load.

From the day I began working there, I was miserable, unhappy and desperate to leave, but with Covid happening, I needed to keep my job as I needed the income.

I tried to keep up with my objectives of videos, leaflets, projects. But I...

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Thinking outside the box - Part 3

blogs creativity Apr 17, 2021

If you want to start designing your quilt, I have multiple documents to help you follow the steps that you need to create that stunning quilt that you will be the only one to have.

If you want to learn different techniques just to understand all the basics, I have the documents for you.

But until you are ready to join me out of that box, why not start by imagining what you would love to make.

Here is a suggestion for you 2021 "One day I will... " Board to put all the projects that you would love to make.

Purpose of your Board: to represent the projects that you would love to make, represent the fabrics that you would love to use, notes about the techniques that you would love to learn...

Where to make your Board: either make it on your computer or make it on paper...

What you need to make your Board: pictures, shapes, colors, fabrics, crayons, pens...

Where to find your images: Pinterest, Designer's website, Magazines...

How to make your board: Cut you images and glue them on the...

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