CONUNDRUM is launched

blogs membership video Jan 03, 2021

CONUNDRUM is now open for a 2021 year full of projects and quilts.

You will be making your motifs, your blocks, choosing your colors, your fabrics and making a quilt from your imagination.

Join me and others in this new journey. 

Quilts won't be a mystery for you after this!!

Have a great week.


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Playing with shapes and motifs

By looking at this pattern, would you be able to draw it on a piece of paper and prepare all the pieces to make it without having the technical sheet?

If your answer is no, then why not join my membership Conundrum that I am launching January 1st.

Link is here: CONUNDRUM

In no time you will be able to figure out what motifs make up this type of pattern all by yourself!!

But I won't make you wait that long, let me give you the solution here and now.

The motifs that you need to make this pattern is made with the Pyramid shape:

This is the motif that composes the pattern. This is how the motif is set up to make the pattern. First you need to place your pyramid next to each other as above.

Then you will want to turn them as below:

This is the set up that will be repeated all over the pattern.

You will then add some other pieces such as half square triangles and quarter square triangles:

The light blue and dark blue set up is repeated once on the right hand side and once on the...

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blogs membership Dec 13, 2020

In 2019, I created an online course called "Designing a Quilt 101", it is an eight module course made up of workbooks with really cool worksheets to fill out, to color in or to cut out, plus videos to go with the workbooks.

In 2020, I created three online workshops with a common theme being the Star. It is called Meet the Stars and included The Ohio Star Workshop, The Sawtooth Star Workshop and The Hunter's Star Workshop.

For 2021, I am creating a membership called CONUNDRUM, it will be available on my website hosted by Kajabi, every month will be about a different aspect that happens when making a quilt, I called them Seasons.

Season One is THINK IT, it will be all about choosing a pattern or creating a pattern of your own to become a quilt.

Season Two is PREPARE IT, it will be all about the fabric, the notions and everything that is needed to get started.

Season Three is PIECE IT, it will be all about the piecing of the quilt.

Season Four is QUILT IT, it will be all about...

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