CREATIVITY - Advice Three

A thread idea is an idea that you start with and that you will develop, my thread idea was using the Marti Michell templates and finding new patterns to use them for that, it was a "THINK OUT OF THE BOX" approach.

As a designer in the quilt world, there are many patterns out there to be inspired from, but I prefer to get inspired by other domains than my own.

The reason I do that is that I don't want to end up "copying" somebody, whether it is consciously or not.

So to avoid that kind of situation, I choose to have a look in domains that are totally different from patchwork and look into architecture, home design, home furnishing...

Lately I was looking into internet designs and came across the Gestalt Theory, did some digging into it to understand what is was about, found it fascinating and decided to adapt it to the quilt world. Finding ways to put into perspective the view of the mind into the collaboration of shapes.

To go from the world of the mind to the world of the real.


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blogs gestalt principles Mar 15, 2020

Hello Everyone,

The third Principle of Gestalt: Similarity

I made two examples of the principles, but I sure you know lots of quilt designs that apply this principle.


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blogs gestalt principles Mar 08, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Let me tell you about the second Principle of Gestalt: Figure / Ground

By playing with the foreground and the background, you will have shapes appear, in these exemples I used the star motif.

I designed these quilt tops to illustrate the Figure / Ground, have you made any quilts that illustrates this Gestalt Principle?

Have a nice week.


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blogs gestalt principles Mar 01, 2020


I have been working on the Gestalt Principles in Design, and have been looking into how to adapt it to the Quilt World.

The Gestalt Principles are a visual study of the placement of objects in space, which depending on were they are placed will be analyzed by our brain differently.

Here is my interpretation of the Gestalt Principles using patchwork top set ups.

The first Principle is SIMPLICITY.


Here is my interpretation in a quilt top:

Have you seen or made quilts that are linked to this first Principles?

In the coming weeks I will talk to you about the other Principles, next week will be about Figure / Ground.

Have a nice week.



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