I created the online version of my course DESIGNING A QUILT 101 in 2019.

I love creating content, I got a day job where I got to create content for students learning english, and I also created a course for teachers searching for original ways to teach english, it turned out to be a 450 page course.

I can say that I am a course creator, since only 1 person trusted me on this and bought my course in 2020, I will be sharing with you a modified version of the video. All the exercise pages and bonuses are of course only available by purchasing my online course.

Hope you enjoy this first module, there are 9 modules all together.


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blogs tutorial video Apr 15, 2022


Just keeping those homemade templates going your way.

I made a video presenting the PDF that can be downloaded on my Membership Conundrum.

Have a great weekend.


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blogs templates video Mar 11, 2022


I am having a great time creating templates and making traditional style quilts.

I made a video presenting the PDF that can be downloaded on my Membership Conundrum.

Have a great weekend.


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In this second video I am showing you how I use Illustrator to create my color library.


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illustrator tutorial video Oct 15, 2021

I have been using Illustrator by Adobe for a couple of years, and I have been finding ways to use the software in creating quilt patterns or just to make my work easier.

I bought a collection from Alison Glass when she came to the fair in Nantes in September 2021.

I want to create a pattern using her fabric, so in order to make my visual easier, I just upload her collection into Illustrator, this video shows how I do it.

The video is in french.


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CONUNDRUM is launched

blogs membership video Jan 03, 2021

CONUNDRUM is now open for a 2021 year full of projects and quilts.

You will be making your motifs, your blocks, choosing your colors, your fabrics and making a quilt from your imagination.

Join me and others in this new journey. 

Quilts won't be a mystery for you after this!!

Have a great week.


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Telling the Story of your Quilt Journey

blogs video worksheet Nov 22, 2020


In order to help you tell the Story of your Quilt, I have prepared a document that you will fill out as you are making your quilt. 

It is a journal in which you enter information about how, when, where you are making your quilt.

Once your quilt is finished you will have made the Story of your Quilt.

To access the document: Quilt Story

Have a nice week.


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Quilt App

blogs video Nov 07, 2020

I thought I would share with you the project I am working on: a Quilt App.

I am working on the Business Requirement Document, where I am writing down all my Features, all the information I need.

This video is the first draft of my project, a little mockup of what I am trying to create.

If you have any ideas about it, please share with me.

Have a nice week


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The Sawtooth Star Workshop is out!!

blogs video workshop Jun 13, 2020

Hello everybody,

As we are in the month of June, the second workshop is out, it is about the Sawtooth Star.

Amongst the MEET THE STAR theme, I did a first workshop about the Ohio Star, and here is the second workshop to go on playing with the star shape blocks.

In this workshop, you will learn how to play with the center square by introducing 4 patch and 6 patch designs.

The workshop is also about the 5 different techniques that are available to make the flying geese on the sides.

To find out more, the information page is available here: Sawtooth Star Information

I am sure that you will have fun discovering new ways to use the Sawtooth Star.

Enjoy this new workshop,


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365 Challenge Quilt

blogs video Jun 06, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Going down memory lane by showing you this video I made from the making of the quilt 365 Challenge, created by Kathryn Kerr, it was a block a day during 365 days.

The blocks were either 3 inches, 6 inches or 12 inches.

The challenge was a great pleasure, even if I didn't make it in a year but in 18 months due to side work.

I just loved making this quilt, the challenges were not only in choosing the fabric but also in making such small blocks, it really got me working in a way I had not done before. And as the grids went by I got to improve myself.

I loved this song piece from Imagine Dragons and got my video to last as long as the song.

This quilt was a great challenge for me, but I just loved seeing the blocks come to life and taking pictures was so much fun. I needed a reference object so that the size of the blocks could be seen, I used a pencil. I dated the blocks not on the day they were made but in reference to the release of the patterns that came out...

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