Sawtooth Star Block video 2


Hello everyone,

Here is the next video I made for my Sawtooth Star block.

Some advice and methods to make some of the piecing and how to optimize the chain piecing to make this quilt top as easily and quickly as possible.

This is a nice block to make with your stash, you can make it very colorful by putting a different color for each star.

You can make it in different sizes, just by adding a column or a row of blocks, I made a 9 row by 9 column quilt top, so I made 81 stars. 

The block being just an 8 inch block, you can either choose to make fewer stars, or you can also change the size of the blocks depending of the templates (or if you make your pieces yourself), I used the Set B from Marti Michell, but there are other templates that allow to make the blocks smaller, the Set A for example, but also the Set N.

I hope you will have a nice time making this Sawtooth Star design.


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Sawtooth Star Block


Hello everybody,

Here is an easy block to make with templates or without templates (by replacing the "flying geese" by two half square triangles).

This block is made up of 4 shapes that can be chain cut and chain pieced, watch the video for some more information about it.

I will be preparing a PDF if the video is not enough.

You can use this block to make different designs, the same background for all the blocks with different colors for the stars, in the PDF I will make different suggestions that can be used.

You can follow my progression on my instagram anytime (alice_and_co_designs) or join my facebook group: Designing a Quilt Together

I will get some more projects together.

Have a nice week


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Hello Everybody,

I watched the movie A Star is Born and thought that would be a cool idea to look into stars in the quilt world, there are lots of stars, that can either be made from pointy diamonds or just with half square triangles and quarter square triangles.

I had a closer look to 3 star blocks that are famous in the quilt world, and made a little video to show them to you.

I am sure you can come up with some other ones, do leave me a comment with there names and I can prepare some quilt tops with them.

Have a nice week.



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