blogs Jul 07, 2021

My environment has a big impact on my motivation to design, create, make videos, take pictures.

For the past year and a half, Covid could have been the reason for my lack of motivation in my work, but the reason is a change of day job. 

I was working on a golf course only 11 minutes away from my house, in February 2020 I had to leave as the person I was replacing came back from her maternity leave. I then searched for another day job, and found a position on a golf course further from my home (45 minutes).

The distance would not have been a problem if I had enjoyed working there, but it wasn't the case, I was not accepted by the two people working there, they saw me as an intruder, which was ridiculous as they needed me because of the work load.

From the day I began working there, I was miserable, unhappy and desperate to leave, but with Covid happening, I needed to keep my job as I needed the income.

I tried to keep up with my objectives of videos, leaflets, projects. But I could feel my energy lowering down as I was spending it all up to stand the bullying I was going through at my day job.

I lost all my motivation to the point of not writing on my blog or sending any newsletters, not even working on all my ongoing quilt projects.

Last month I got a call from my previous boss offering me an opportunity to work again on the Domain that I was very sad leaving.

As the days have been passing by, and that I have stopped working on that golf course, my motivation has come back, my enthousiasme has grown back. 

I have started back on all my projects that were on a stand still this past year, I am making videos once again, and I am back on my blog.

These past months were not easy, I had no energy in making any quilts, I only found energy in making By Annie Bags, that kept me going, even though I was making things, it wasn't the same as designing projects of my own.

I knew I was in a bad place, I knew what was causing my unhappyness, I knew I needed to take action, I was searching for a job, I was willing to move away just to get away from that unhealthy environnement.

 I am back in front of my computer, I am ready to get back to work on my different projects and tell you all about them, show you how I work, how I use Illustrator.

Hope you are in a good place, if not, tell me how I can help you.

Let's get back to it.